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south america,bolivia, peru, argentina, chile
south america

bolivia, peru, argentina, chile

4 months and 4 countries

immense space,australia
immense space


australian landscapes

south east asia,thailand, laos, cambodia, malaysia
south east asia

thailand, laos, cambodia, malaysia

travel pictures from south east asia - thailand, laos and cambodia

metropolis down under,australia
metropolis down under


australian cities - melbourne and sydney

fascination and disgust,india
fascination and disgust


our trip to india 2005/2005; goa, kerala, rajastan, varanasi and others



aussies seen by quasi-aussies

himalaya's foothills,nepal
himalaya's foothills


3 weeks in nepal, including trekking to annapurna base camp

travel reportages,bolivia, thailand, laos
travel reportages

bolivia, thailand, laos

various,australia, poland, chile, french polynesia, thailand, fiji

australia, poland, chile, french polynesia, thailand, fiji

various theme photos

alt angkor annapurna sanctuary trek argentina atacama australia ayuthaya bangkok bolivia chiang mai chile city doc docklands india la paz laos luang nam tha melbourne nepal rajastan rapa nui south america south east asia st kilda sydney thailand victoria wil wilsons promontory